Northern Snakehead Fish

(channa argus)

What is so important?

The Northern Snakehead fish is a major threat to native spices. The deadly fish is also scaring town residents with it's sharp teeth and slick body.

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What is so Bad?

The carnivores 40 inch and 18 pound Northern Snakehead Fish is very important to get rid of because it is killing many native spices that can't be found anywhere else. Northern Snakehead fish are actually somewhat air breathers and can live on land for up to three days, they can also slither around on land which is what scares people.

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Who and How Does it Affect?

I have to get one thing straight though, they will not heart people they only scare them. As I said before though they are majorly affecting the native fish and forcing them to be endangered. It also affects the food chain hugely because there is not enough food for the other fish and no one is killing the Snakeheads, witch allows them to thrive.

How Much Damage has Been Done?

The fish has spread all across the country and is killing off the native species that are becoming extinct. It also terrorizes the native people with it's sharp teeth and it's ability to stay on land for up-to 4 days.

What Can be Done

What can be done is shocking fish with shock boats that deliver shocks witch cause the fish to almost "fall asleep" and sink to the bottom of the lake. Other than that there is not much more that can be done. Lets get rid of them!