By Jenna Emmert

Foxy (FNAF 1)

Foxy would mainly stay in pirate cove if you look at him on every night. If you don't look at him enough or you look at him too much on nights 3-6 or 3-7 if you set his AI to 20. He will try to attack. Foxy will first be covered in his drapes. Then he partly opens his curtain enough for you to see the tatters all over his body. Next Foxy starts walking to the office and his curtain is all the way open. Lastly he leaves pirate cove and will attack. If Foxy is not at pirate cove, he is in west hall. Shut the monitor up and slam the door shut. Then go to west hall to trigger Foxy's attack. He will drain 1 percent of power if he bangs on the door once. then 6 percent of power and last he drains 11 percent of power. BAD FOXY!!!!!:( That's what i hate. If you fail to close the door and spotted his attack he leans into the office and screeches.

Foxy(FNAF 2)

Foxy returns in the next game. His suit is more tattered than before. Those stupid employees destroyed him! There is a mechanic called the Freddy head and foxy isn't fooled. If Foxy appears in the hall, flash your beam at Foxy. If That stupid Balloon Boy enters, great i'm dead unless it is almost 6 A.M . Foxy is capable of shutting the beam off. Stay on guard. Foxy will rarely appear on camera. He only appears on parts/service camera if he is the only one there. And foxy can leave CAM 8 without static. Mangle is toy foxy.

Foxy (FNAF 3)

Foxy is now just a sprite, phantom, head, and arm. The phantom is not able to kill you and you don't get killed by anything in attraction except for spring Bonnie. So keep the creeps back. I was scared at first but soon liked the game.