Water Quality

Down The Drain

Water Quality in NC

Some things you should not send down the drain because they cal pollute driking water. Things like oil, grease,drugs,solvents,etc. Things like medicine can contaminate the lakes and rivers this can hurt fish and other wildlife and even get into our drinking water. When you send hazardous chemicals down the drain you may introduce those harmful chemicals back into the wter and end up in your water. Oil from your car may leak and run down your drive way into street drains .

Why is water quality important?

Clean water is important because humans, animals, and plants depend on it. With polluted water it can kill fish and aquatic plants.

How can you help?

You can help prevent contaminants from getting into drinking water, by putting you grease in old milk jugs then disposing it, nerver putting meds down the drain, make sure your car isint leaking oil, and try not to pour solvents dow your drain.

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Water Quality PSA