Spellman Tech Dept Updates

Back to School -Teacher Edition

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Classroom Technology

Please take a moment to check your classroom for the following:

  • WiFi connection to CSHS Faculty for iPad & MacBook
  • Projector & remote
  • Apple TV & remote - updated in all classrooms - make sure you have bluetooth enabled on your device
  • Promethean Board - plug the promethean USB into your Macbook Air
  • Print

If you need help please email details to techsupport@spellman.com & we will respond as soon as possible

Pearson eText

Students using Pearson eTexts will be uploaded into the Pearson database later this week.

Linda will work with teachers so they can setup their classes in the Pearson portal. After classes are setup , students will receive Username & Password needed to access the course materials using the Pearson eText for schools App.

Student challenges are typically because they download the wrong iPad app or because they forget their password.

The iPad does not support flash based content - in order to view this content on the iPad use a mobile browser such as Puffin Academy.

Foreign Language materials may be accessed from any internet connected device through the Successnet Plus website. Math and science teachers access eText content using the Successnet website.

Links for Pearson Users

Enroll MacBook Air into Casper

The tech dept will send you an email invite later this week to enroll your MacBook into Casper. You will need to click on the link and enter your network username and password - it should be a simple process.

We will use Casper to automate software updates and to provide additional support to the user. After devices are enrolled, all software installations on the MacBook will come from Tech Dept.

Rediker Gradebook workshop

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 2:15pm

Computer Lab

Workshop open to all new teachers and veteran teachers who would like a refresher

Edline Workshop

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 2:15-3pm

Computer Lab

Workshop open to all new teachers and any veteran teachers who would like a refresher