Epic Poems And The Hero's Journey

By: Davis Jensen, Jake Sanders, and Luke Opiela

What are Epic Poems

-An Epic poem is a type of poem that is long narrative poem

-Its origin is Medieval Greece.

-its uses was to tell an enchanting story.

What Are Some Characteristics

-The setting is large

-It is written in a unique style

-The hero is outstanding

Some Examples of Epic Poems

-A Mind Filled of Cobwebs

- Aquarius

-The Hobbit

-A Surprise


Poems That inspired Tolkien

-Sir Gawain

-The Green Knight


-Sir Orfeo

What are hero’s journey?

It is a pattern of narrative.

What are its origins?

In 1949 when Joseph Campbell wrote The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

How does it relate to literature?

It relates to literature because it is a form of writing.