Division 11 News!

Mrs. Kang's Grade 4 Class

October News

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! The new school year has started off very smoothly. The students have gotten into their routines very nicely. As this month continues and for the rest of the school year, as a class we are focusing on RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. We are working on making our classroom a safe and inviting environment for all our members. As a class we are being mindful of being respectful in the classroom, on the playground and in our community.
Being new to the intermediate level, we are also working on being responsible. I am really pushing for students to be responsible for their own learning. For instance, being responsible for organizing their work and keeping up with due dates. All students have a classroom job that they are responsible for. I am hoping practicing being respectful and responsible will be something they carry on for the rest of their school years.

I want to thank everyone for handing back the various forms so quickly. At the beginning of the year there is always so much to do, and I really appreciate everyone being so efficient and patient!

On that note, I know many of you have questions about reporting this year. The Grade 4 teachers have decided to use Fresh Grade for reporting this school year. The school will be having a Fresh Grade Information Meeting on October 28th at 1:30pm, and at 5:30pm. This meeting will inform you all about Fresh Grade, including how to access it and how track your child's learning. I will be at both meetings to help answer any questions. Further, students have logged into Fresh Grade and have started making comments on the items posted. I will be inviting parents soon, so you can also have a chance to navigate and see what Fresh Grade is all about.

Thank you!
Randip Kang.


October 23: Pro D Day
October 28: Fresh Grade Information Meeting 1:30 and 5:30pm
October 30: Halloween Parade and Hot Lunch Day