Recap Challenge

Video Reflection using Recap

Today's Target

I can reflect on today's learning using audio/video tools.

Video Reflection Using Recap

The goal of this challenge is to explore the possibilities of Video Reflection using the Recap tool.

Recap is a completely free assessment resource (available on the web or through an iPad app) that lets students respond to the teachers' questions or prompts via video. Submitted videos are private between the student and teacher, but can be shared via a weblink if you choose. Students can easily join with a class code (no email) or through their Google Account.

Your Mission

1. Click on the link above and read the blog post highlighting the Recap tool.

2. Go to this link (or use the app)

3. You will enter this CLASS PIN: jbkifcf

4. Once you are in the class you will notice "general" participant names.

5. Please choose one of the letter names for this activity.

6. You can now view the "Recap" video assignment for this challenge.

7. Please review the video and then select Respond to submit your own video reflection response.

8. After submitting, please post to this Padlet thoughts on how you could integrate this tool into your classroom. This Padlet will allow others to see ideas and thoughts for the tool since the videos are not a public feed!


  • Reflection responses are limited to 2min
  • Class Pin sign in is great for those without email address. I did not want to use YOUR email to sign in as a student. YOUR email address can NOW be used to sign in as a teacher. I recommend signing in as a teacher with your Google Account.
  • When students sign in with only a class PIN you need to have names in for them to select from
  • Students signing in with Google accounts will have their name in the class.
  • NEW: November Update is scheduled to have the ability for students to easily switch between multiple classes.