Visit Lóng City,

The Magical Chinese Kingdom and City from "Fox and Phoenix"

By Leeban Mohamed

A Fantasy Novel By Beth Bernobich


"My father wrote about a spring day in Lóng City, how the clouds were like great white birds soaring over an ocean of mountains. How the sun glinted off palace and plain red tile roofs alike. How the warmth felt against his back, how the fresh snowmelt tasted."
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Lóng City is an magnificent Chinese-style city that blends magic and past with future with its old-style architecture, and futuristic gadgets. Not to mention the wizards and people who make potions. They could teach you magic, or even better give you potions that you can use at home. There are spirit companions, (ghost animals) that every citizen has to accompany them. There are also ghost dragons that watch over the city and protect it. You would have too see this amazing creatures with your own eyes to believe that they exist. They look absolutely amazing! The restaurants serve all sorts of food from pepper pastries to garlic dumplings. Tea is also one of the most delicious dishes that can be served throughout the whole city. This city is the most protected of the Seventy Kingdoms that it resides in. This is because this city has staircases going all around the city so the soldiers could come to the cities defense at ease. Also, for a more effective form of transportation, you can take the wind and magic lifts to take you across the city in no time. When you are tired of your long journey you can sleep in one of the many inns across the city. Since the city is always active, you will miss out on a lot if you don't come soon, because so much will happen while you aren't there. The main character's father describes how you could feel if you come to Lóng City. You can see the beauty of the sunlight, palace, roofs, and clouds. The mountains make the city look so secluded and protected, while it adds on to the picturesque surroundings. This city is a place that is picture-perfect and has a totally different and breathtaking culture. Visit now!