Nurse Dawn News


As we start the 2019 - 2020 school year here are a few reminders. As the school nurse, my role is to care for all students and respond to medical emergencies in the school setting. In addition, I am responsible for the following: student health assessments, medication administration, special procedures, vision/hearing screenings, immunization compliance, health promotion and disease prevention. If your child will need medication to be administered at school please refer to the medication information listed below.

Medication Administration

If your child requires medication to be administered at school a Provider/Parent Authorization form (PPA) MUST be signed by the physician and the parent. A School Management Plan will be completed when the parent brings in the Original Medication and the Provider/Parent Authorization form (PPA) to the Nurse. Parents can obtain the PPA form from the school nurse or from the Madison County School Website under the Health Services Department. Medication should be brought to the school by the parent along with the original PPA. Students are NOT permitted to transport medication UNLESS authorized by their physician on the PPA. Paperwork is to be completed each year regarding any medical needs.

Birthday School Food Policy

As stated in the Harvest Elementary School Student- Parent Handbook Birthday Parties at school interfere with instructional time and are in direct violation with the Alabama Public Law 108-265. Therefore, if a parent would like to bring a special meal to their child only during the lunch period that is acceptable. Parents ARE NOT allowed to bring food items in for other children (ex: cupcakes, cake, candy) due to the multiple food allergies in the school setting. Balloons are not allowed to be brought in for any personal celebration. If you violate this policy, you will be asked to return the balloons to the front office or your vehicle.

If you would like to bring a treat to each student in celebration of your child's birthday, you may bring each student in the class a treat bag with non-edible items (ex. pencils/pens, erasers, stickers, etc.) No candy or food product is allowed. This must be arranged with the child's classroom teacher prior to arrival.


Keeping Everyone Well

Students MUST be free from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours without the help of medication before returning to school . Example: If your child is sent home with a fever over 100.0 and medication is given for the fever. You must wait the length that the medication is effective and re-check the fever. If they are fever free at that time they must stay fever free for 24 hrs WITHOUT medicine and then may return to school the next day.

Certificate Of Immunizations ( Blue Cards)

All Parent/ Guardians,

The State of Alabama School Law, Code of Alabama, Section 16-30-4, requires ALL students to have a current Alabama Certificate Of Immunization (COI), an Alabama Certificate of Religious Exemption, or an Alabama Certificate of Medical Exemption for specific vaccine preventable.