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First CBA Data Meeting

I received a Google form?

This year we are going to go deeper with our data conversations. Prior to the meeting you will need to fill out the Google Form that was emailed out last night or this morning. This depends on your grade level. LEADS....YOU ONLY NEED TO RUN A CLEAN COPY OF THE TEST FOR TEAMS. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ADDING ANY DATA TO IT. We will take the results from the forms that are filled out to complete the team reflection and plan form. It is our goal that we begin going deeper in our conversations. To fill out the form you will need the "Item Analysis" report from DMAC and the "SE Performance". These two reports will help with answering the questions. It is my goal that it does not take you more than 10 minutes to complete if you have these reports ran.

Why do we have data meetings again?

It is critical that we reflect on how our students are doing. These assessments give us valuable information on areas that our students have mastered and areas that they are still struggling in. From these assessments we can reflect on previous lessons, what went well, what did not, and create a plan for our students who have mastered it. How can we enrich their learning? It is so important to review student tests to get a clear understanding of what the student does and does not know. In math their work allows us to see their thought process and plan of attack to solve problems.

Faculty Meeting

If you have a laptop, please bring to meeting.

Upcoming Dates!

October 12th- Fall Pictures, 4:00 Faculty Learning in Cafeteria All Certified Staff

October 13- WW schedule for CBA Data Review

October 14th- Fine Arts/Support Staff meeting, Brandi Linville Sprinkle

October 16th- End of 9 Weeks, RTI Meetings, AR Reward 2nd grade 1:00, 3rd grade 2:00

October 19th- RTI Meetings

October 20th- Sprinkle for Ponce

October 22- Assessment Writing, CHAMPS reward

October 23- Celebration Assembly (Students and Staff ONLY), Early Release

October 26th- Parent conferences

October 27th- Wear Red, WW Schedule (Teachers review CBA's)

October 28th- Wear Camo, Campus New Employee Meetings

October 29th- Wear Neon and Sunglasses, Staff Birthday Luncheon

October 30th- Third grade music program, Wear costume.