Rhode Island

Come to Rhode Island It is good

All of the Freedom

Rhode Island is small but really great. Rhode Island is great because you can practice whatever religion you want. Rhode Island is also really nice because you can have political freedom. Refugees from the Massachusetts Bay Colony came here to be free of whatever religion you believe in.
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Interesting Facts

Rhode Island was the home of the first Jewish synagogue. Rhode Island is also home to the first Baptist church. Rhode Island was actually where the First Quaker Meeting House was made and used. The first state to formally say they are independent from Great Britain was Rhode Island, but Rhode Island was the last of the original 13 colonies. Rhode Island refused to ratify the Constitution because they were scared of a too powerful government until they added the Bill of Rights.

Facts About the Name

Rhode Island has the longest official state name. Its official name is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The official name comes from Aquidneck Island, the large island in Narragansett Bay official name Rhode Island in 1644. Providence was the first settlement in Rhode Island and it is the Capital.

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The geography of Rhode Island is it is by the ocean which makes Rhode Island have mild climate. The climate is very balanced, chilli in the winter and lower 80s in the Summer. It does not rain too much in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island has lots of beaches with 400 miles of coast. Rhode Island has 36 Islands. Lots of traveling around! It is a small state, it is half as big as Delaware. You should also visit the rolling hills on Block Island. There is a lot of geography, so you won't get bored!
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Stop by Rhode Island, There is lots to see. It is a wonderful place to live, lots to explore. It is very pretty in Rhode Island. See you in a little bit!