Carolina Flying Squirrel Endangered

A Few Facts.

What are the flying squirrels names?

The Carolina northern flying squirrel is its's common go to name but it's scientific name is a bit trickier to say. It's scientific name is the Glaucomys Sabrinus.

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Where is it found?

Northern flying squirrels are typically found in areas where northern hardwoods, such as Yellow birch, are adjacent to the higher-elevation Red spruce-Fraser fir forest. These habitats are often moist and cool. Southern flying squirrels are most often found in the warmer and drier mixed oak-pine forests of lower elevations.

Why is it endangered

Human impacts far outweigh natural threats and include habitat destruction and fragmentation or other alterations associated with the clearing of forests, introduced exotic pests, recreational and residential development, and pollution (heavy metals and acid rain).

What is being done to protect it?

People are volunteering to build flying squirrel boxes and those boxes are being checked and the squirrels are being tagged so scientists can observe their lifestyle to find out how we can protect these cute little creatures.