Take cover!

The new and advanced lethal weapons of the war

These weapons below are just five out of the many new advanced weapons.
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Landmines were also known as "torpedoes" and they were a piece of iron that contained gunpowder, a fuse and a detonation cap. They were highly explosive and are still to this day being discovered by researchers on the fields of the war.
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Gatling gun

The Gatling gun was a machine gun that had six barrels and could shoot up to 350 rounds in just one minute.

New deal organization and Civil war battle.

The majority of these weapons were created in the 1860's and for a lot of these weapons the opposing enemy did not even know they had them. These weapons were created to help win the civil war and give either side an advantage in any way. That is why the teams a lot of the time did not let it get out what new weapons they had and were using so they could keep the advantage. The civil war was from April 12, 1861 - May 9, 1865. The Civil war was very significant because it restored the union and it also allowed blacks to fight in it.

Why are these weapons so ipmortant?

I choose my pictures because they were some of the weapons that had a major impact on the war, and one major thing about them was how much quicker they were at firing and how much more accurate they were. These weapons made a huge difference in the war, think about the difference between shooting a rifle then reloading every time instead of shooting a six barrel machine gun that unloads 350 rounds per minute.