Istation Reports


Training Videos for Istation Reports

Click the button above to access videos to visually show you how to use your reports and print login cards. Below are buttons listed to written directions for each report and how to print login cards. CLICK REPORTS BUTTON

ISIP Summary Report

This report shows the number and percentage of students in the classroom at each instructional tier for each skill assessed during the current assessment period.

  • Hovering over the graph shows the number of students per tier.

  • Individual student results are listed in the table below the graph. Students are grouped by tier level and then in alphabetical order.

  • Instructional tiers are displayed for Overall Reading and for each subtest.

Priority Report

The Priority Report helps identify students who will benefit from further intervention and provides links to teacher directed lessons and supplemental materials.

Classroom Summary

The Classroom Summary report provides student performance data from the most recently completed ISIP™ Assessment and Interactive Instruction.

Student Summary Handout

The Student Summary report provides a summary of student performance for the current school year.

Login Cards

The Login cards are for student use. Each student is given their own login information to access their ISIP assessments or Istation activites. You can print a class list or individual login cards.