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Together We Can, Whatever it Takes , No Excuses!

As a teacher I fixated on small things that had much significance to me. Working in a struggling school in Houston ISD, I walked through the doors everyday to a poster that read "Together We Can, Whatever it Takes, No Excuses" This resonated with me as I focused on the milestones that kids needed to reach and contemplated how I was going to get them there. There is something far more wonderful that captivates me when I walk the hallways of Alex Sanger, peek my head into meetings, and observe daily interactions. We don't need a poster to remind us of this quote because it is exemplified in our daily actions. I have witnessed TAs stay late volunteering time off the clock to make sure no teammate is left completing a task alone, I have observed countless Sanger staff make informal drop ins to classrooms of new teachers just to check in, coaches make routine rounds to check on staff personally and professionally, colleagues volunteer personal time and resources to support efforts of others, and support staff consistently stop their daily tasks to offer service with a smile. It is evident that this is all done from a heart of service and a desire to see students and our colleagues excel. Never forget the impact that we can make as a team, and never lose sight of what an encouraging smile or those small gestures of support can do to brighten up someone else's day.

High Quality Instruction Makes the Difference

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Welcome NEW Stallions!

News of our wonderful ADL unit is spreading like wildfire. As I spoke with a current parent he informed me "I am happy with Mr. Martin and his staff, my son comes home everyday happy, and we wouldn't think of placing him anywhere else." We expect to continue hearing great news like this as we welcome 2 NEW ADL students this week which will increase our total class to size to 6. In a recent meeting, Mr. Martin informed me that this is one of their largest classes yet. He also beamed as he listed the accomplishments of his students and praised his colleagues Ms. Johnson and Mr. De la Vega for all their hard work with students. My heart was warmed to hear stories of how Sanger students have volunteered time to read to ADL students and help them play with manipulatives during spare time. If you have a few moments in your day drop in and say Hi! Encourage your students to interact with ADL students and inquire about how they can help support our fellow Stallions.

Alex Sanger Elementary Preparatory

Alex Sanger Elementary School is a place of learning for students, staff, parents, and community members. Located in the beautiful Forest Hills neighborhood of East Dallas, it provides a safe environment where academic excellence is the focus.