The Great Gatsby Final.

The American dream?

Nicks Idea of The American Dream

Is moving to West Egg and becoming a stock broker and then eventually getting rich and finding love.

Nick was trying to get rich but that did not happen because he hardly worked

Examples of people's dreams

Gatsby wanted to be like Dan Cody pg. 100

Did people reach their dreams!

Nobody did reach their dreams but Gatsby did but that was before the book started!

The American Dream

Definition: to be free and achieve success by working hard and over coming obstacles in your way.

Who is living it?

John Paul Dejoria is because he went from nothing to something by hard work and determination.

Who is striving for it

Just about everyone is but some people will say they are not but secretly they want to live the american dream.


Theme Love can kill

love can kill because it can change over time at first you can love them a lot but them as the years go on you could change your mind and love someone else and then you might cheat on someone and then like Tom was cheating on Daisy with Myrtle and then Myrtle thought Gatsby was tom so she ran out and then she got killed by Gatsby and then Wilson

went and killed Gatsby. Gatsby would not have died if tom was no cheating on Daisy with Myrtle and also if that day Tom did not drive Gatsby's car and stop for gas at Wilson's station.