Weekly Update

January 4, 2016

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Second Semester Schedules and Locker Locations

All of our students started Monday morning in homeroom. They received their second semester schedule and a couple hundred students received new locker locations due to the renovation. As we move from one area of the renovation to the next, some of your child's classroom locations may have changed from first to second semester. If your child still has questions, is confused by the changes, or having a difficult time with their new locker, please let us know. We are happy to help make the transition into second semester as smooth as possible.

Please note, per our policy, any schedule changes to your child's schedule need to be completed by the end of the third day of the semester (Wednesday). After the third day, your child's schedule is set for the semester.

Retakes For AIR and PARCC Testing This Week

This week our sophomores that scored below a "3" or did not take last year's AIR and PARCC test will retake the tests. The test will be in the morning and students will be excused from class to test. If your child is scheduled to test, you should have received a letter in the mail. Below is the testing schedule for the week:

American History - Monday (January 4)

Algebra I - Tuesday (January 5)

Physical Science - Wednesday (January 5)

English Language Arts 1 (English 9 - Thursday (January 6)

Make-Up Tests - Friday (January 7)

College and Career Readiness: Being on Time to School

As we prepare students to be college and career ready, it's important we pay attention to some of the "soft skills" that help students succeed in the world beyond high school. With that in mind, this semester increased focus will be given to students being on time to school each day. Please be reminded that car trouble and traffic are not excused reasons for being tardy. Thanks for your support.

The Full Schedule

Here is a link to our athletic and school calendars for all of our events scheduled for the week of January 4.