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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Self-Care for YOU!

At this point, many of us know how many days are between now and the end of year (26 days to be exact). So how do we finish the year strong without getting burnt out? May is Mental Health Awareness Month so we want to share some tips on how to take care of yourself:

  • Watch marathons of NCIS
  • Eat chocolate AND ice cream...lots of it!
  • Cut grass in the dark
  • Binge on Netflix
  • Shop til you drop-or until you run out of money
  • Watch a re-run of Kentucky getting beat in the final four (Gooooo Duke!)
  • Paint the spirit rock
  • Shoot spit wads
  • Declare the weekend before EOGs "Pajama Weekend"
  • Pop bubble wrap
  • Stripe a baseball field (Gooooooo Tigers!)
  • Dance in the rain to Hakuna Matata
  • Drink til you drop (Sundrop)
  • Ride roller coasters...backwards!
  • Meet at the Woodshed and let's partayyyyyyyyy!

And if that doesn't work, use the image below! :)

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Congratulations to Gail Maples on being named Gaston County School's School Nurse of the Year!!! You are most deserving and SMS is blessed to have you!!

OI Awareness Week

Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as the Brittle Bone Disease, is a genetic disorder characterized by fragile bones that break easily. This is a student-led initiative to raise awareness at SMS. OI Awareness Week is May 4-8. Each morning, students will share announcements about OI. Wednesday is WISHBONE DAY. On Wednesday, we can show our support by wearing YELLOW and BLUE. Next Friday, May 15th, students will have an opportunity to Walk for OI. They can pay $2 to get out of their 1st core plus and walk around the track (gym if it is raining). The money raised will go to help others learning to live with the disorder. Ms. Medici and Ms. Robb are also raising funds by selling t-shirts.

*Please let Ms. Davis know if you are willing to help monitor during the walk for any grade level 1st core plus period.

Who Did the Right Thing in April?

DTRT concludes for the year in March however our students continue to shine and do the right thing. Here are a few students worth bragging on.

Timothy Sampson-7th grade

Timothy worked cooperatively and patiently on a partner project on the computer. He even added extra to his project.

Autumn Whitman-8th grade

Autumn recently shared that she has always looked forward to attending prom and thus, has tried to save her money to go. When she found out her friend would not be able to afford prom, she used the money she saved for herself to buy her friend a dress, shoes and jewelry. Autumn always finds ways to care for others.

Kala Lockridge & Shelby Johnson-8th grade

Kala and Shelby were impacted by Ms. Medici's son, Emmett, and since have been working to bring awareness to SMS about OI (Brittle Bone Disease). They have planned a week of announcements and a fundraiser/walk to support the cause.

Test Dates

NC Final Exams-------------------------------May 20-22

EOG Reading (7-8) / Math (6)------------May 27

EOG Reading (6) / Math (7-8)------------May 28

EOG Science (8)------------------------------May 29-June 1

CTE Post-Tests--------------------------------June 4-10

Math 1 EOC------------------------------------June 5

Heads Up

National School Nurse Day--------------------------------May 6

Band Concert---------------------------------------------------May 7

AR Trip to Laser Quest-------------------------------------- May 8

National Teacher Appreciation Week------------------May 4-8

OI Awareness Week------------------------------------------May 4-8

SMS Prom--------------------------------------------------------May 16

Chorus Concert @ First Baptist Church---------------May 19

Memorial Day--------------------------------------------------May 25

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Do something fun or relaxing to take care of your mental health.

MTSS will conclude after remediation. Let Ms. Davis know of any updates/changes.

Blue Devils Shout Outs

Thank you Ms. Hersey & Ms. Phang for being an awesome PLC and always sharing ideas! -Beam

Thank you Mr. Lockridge for organizing the Biggest Loser Competition and helping staff on the road to staying healthy. -Smith Total weight loss was 90 lb. Congrats to Ms. Smith who came in 1st place, Ballard who came 2nd and Lockridge in 3rd! And a special shout out to everyone who participated and made positive, healthy lifestyle changes!


Thank you to the 6th grade teachers for helping out when needed for bus duty coverage. -Farbo

Congrats to our SMS students who participated in All-State Chorus in Greensboro-Maddie Miller, Saige Hager, Hannah Murrow, Holly Mullen, Kennedy Ballard, and Payton Trotta.

Congrats to Ms. Maples on being awarded GCS School Nurse of the Year!!

Thank you to the mentors and peer observers for their hard work. -Farbo

Congrats to Ms. Dellinger's student-teacher, Mr. Shen, who is graduating from UNCC with his degree in Education. He will begin his Masters this summer.

Congrats to Ms. Dellinger's daughter, Caroline Dellinger, who is graduating from UNCC with a degree in Health Communications. She is praying for a SUPER job to come her way!

Congrats to Ms. Erwin's daughter, Taylor Erwin, who is graduating from UNCC with a degree in Education. She is in the market for a teaching career!

Congrats to Ms. Greeson's daughter, Lindsay, who graduated Sunday from USC-Upstate with a degree in Psychology. She will join Upstate's nursing program in the fall.

Congrats to the SMS Chess Club for coming in 1st place in the Charlotte competition this weekend!

The Lion King - Hakuna Matata (HD)