The Great Gilly Hopkins

By: Hayleigh Clothier


Ms. Trotter, W.E, Mr. Randolph, and Gilly.

Ms. trotter has one child until she adopts Gilly and Gilly has Ben to a few homes in less than three years but she keeps in tough with there birth mom Country and when the moves to miss Trotters she finds out that Mr. Randolph has money hidden in his house and she finds it and saves the money for a train ticket but she asked Country for the rest and it costs a lot of money to buy one it is like $100 and more.

My Favorite Part Of The Book

My favorite part was when she was at her grandmas house withe all of those horses and them wining the race and them saying that she might skip some grades because she was so smart and it is really awesome when you get to skip a grade and that means that you can graduate early and go off to collage and become any thing that you wont to be if you doing fail your classes.