Make it a safe and terrific break!

Happy trails to You and Yours

We wish you a terrific Spring/Easter Break

Here in Wisconsin, the signs of spring tease us with warmer weather and lots of green vegetation. Colors of tulips, daffodils, and crocuses begin to appear and brighten the landscapes that have been browner longer than I remember. The golf courses and baseball diamonds are calling our names. Have a terrific time here or away! We begin again on April 9th.

The week you return brings. . . .

The first week back we will be having our monthly student assembly. The children will meet with me in our cafeteria to participate iin and enjoy a presentation that may include questions and answers, short videos, and other surprises that I can come up with. We start leaving the playground at 8:40 AM and begin the program at 8:50 with our Pledge.

The corral was filled and we had fun!

Yee Haw! We had a little March Madness in our gym today as Mrs. Monson and Mrs. Stauber designed games for the lucky children who's mustangs were picked to play basketball games against the teachers-from 4K to 4th grade. Lots of fun between the sessions was had wtih t-shirts and jump ropes thrown into the crowd of children sitting around the gym. See below for more fun.

Mike Budisch

Please take a look at buying your tickets. Ms. Kohnert and Mr. Werni will certainly direct a terrific show with our wonderful cast of stars.