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December 7, 2015

Week in Review

I'm sorry, I have been horrible about getting the weekly newsletter out. Let's consider this one a "make-up" for all of the weeks that I have missed. MAP-A testing is underway for the boys in 3-6th grade. We are almost done with phase 1......just one more test to go! I have included pictures of the Oreo turkeys we made for Thanksgiving. I am not sure who enjoyed the chocolate more, the boys or the adults. :)

We have two new additions to the classroom! Aiden (you may have heard the boys refer to him as Wilson since there is an Aden and a Caden). And we finally have a GIRL!!!! Bella is the newest member of the class and she has already been welcomed by all of the boys!

This week we are reading different Gingerbread Man stories and voting for which one we like best. On Friday, we will eat Gingerbread cookies and do an experiment to see in what liquid they dissolve the fastest.

Next week, we will read the Polar Express and do some Christmas time activities. I will send another newsletter home this week so look for more info and pics there!

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Friday - Karate. Gingerbread Experiment

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