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Monday, March 25, 2019

Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events

March 25: Jr. Beta Club Induction, 6:00 PM

March 27: 8th Grade Parent Financial Aid Seminar, Media Center, 6:00 PM

March 28: State Bridge Crossing ES Rising 6th Graders Visit

March 28: Orchestra Concert, CHS, 6:00 PM

March 30 - April 7: Spring Break

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Mathcounts - State Competition

Congratulations to the Mathcounts team this year for making it to the state competition!

Alan Qiao, Sai Guvalla, Cindy Fu and Sophia Ho all scored in the top 25 at the State level. We are so proud of all of their hard work and dedication to math!

Please click the image below to RSVP for the Financial Aid Seminar for 8th Grade Parents.

Georgia Milestones Study Guides & Information

We have a Georgia Milestones page on our website with the calendar for all of the testing dates and links to the Georgia Milestones Study Guides. These study guides are provided by the state department of education to provide practice questions, vocabulary, formulas, and other pertinent information for your students as they prepare for the assessments in April and May. Please check out the study guides which can be found on the TRMS MILESTONES INFORMATION page.

Seasonal Allergies and Pollen:

Pollen season is upon us and for any newcomers to the area, get ready for sneezes and itchy eyes! Pollen counts tend to be highest early in the morning on warm, dry, breezy days and lowest during chilly, wet times. Students that come to the clinic with the below symptoms will be asked to wash their hands and face to remove any possible pollens:

• Itchy nose
• Runny nose
• Sneezing
• Watery eyes
• Itchy/Red Eyes

If a student is sensitive to pollen and seasonal allergies, a daily antihistamine may work well to relieve these symptoms. Allergy eye drops can be kept here at school for use but all Over the Counter medications need a SHS-1 Form filled out by guardian and on file in the clinic.

Students WILL NOT be allowed to stay indoors at recess due to a high pollen count. We would need a doctor’s note to do this on a routine basis. The note must include a start date, specifics of which days (i.e., when pollen count is above a specific number, etc.), and an end date.

Most patients can get relief from nasal allergy symptoms by making the following changes in and around their home:
✿ Keep the windows closed and run the air conditioner during allergy season
✿ Use an air purifier with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter in your bedroom
✿ Change your clothes and wash your hands after coming home on a high-pollen day
✿Take a shower and wash your hair before going to bed
✿ Clean and dust your home regularly and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter

Many of the symptoms you see with allergies can also be indicative of the common cold. Symptoms that last for more than seven to 10 days are probably allergy related, colds rarely last more than a week. Fever and body aches are NOT indicative of nasal allergies; please contact your physician for further advice if noticed.

Tracy Morris

Clinic Assistant

Taylor Road Middle School


Have a healthy day!

Did you know?

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From the Clinic

If your child is bringing medication to school, please complete the proper form.

Authorization for Medication, click here.

Authorization for Carrying Medication, click here.

When your student is absent, please send in a written note upon their return to school. Notes should be delivered to the front office.


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