Preemie Prints

COMM 210 Group +8

About the Organization

Preemie Prints started up in 2011, with only a few volunteers on hand. They became an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2013 and now have more than one hundred volunteers offering photography sessions, support group meetings, and handmade items to NICU families. The organization has grown even more from people starting their own local chapters in other cities. Through these volunteer efforts, families with babies born prematurely or critically ill are given community support and hope for the future.

Who We Are

  • College Station, TX - Senior Human Resource Development Major, double Minor in Business and Communication
  • I enjoy playing with my puppy and getting involved in leadership and service organizations on campus.
  • I’m passionate about helping others. I’m the oldest of 7 so family is super important to me. As an HR major, I have realized how people-oriented I am, and how much I enjoy developing the potential in others. Our group all collaborated together in everything, and I believe I was a team player.


  • Vidor, TX - Senior COMM Major/Art Minor.
  • Just got married in December and live in Dallas with my husband who is going to Dental School. I commute to College Station for classes until I graduate in May! Whoop!
  • I’m a Christian and strive everyday to please God through the way I live my life. I enjoy spending time with my husband, drinking a lot of coffee and tea, and dreaming of buying a French Bulldog named Bronx.


  • Houston, TX- Freshman Communication Major/Business Minor
  • Member of Delta Zeta sorority
  • First generation Aggie
  • I enjoy talking and working with people. I am a member of Delta Zeta sorority and love working with our philanthropy, Better Speech and Hearing. I am a first generation Aggie. I love playing soccer and watching baseball and football.


  • Dallas,TX-Freshman Communication Major
  • My hobby I enjoy doing is baking cakes and cookies :)
  • Who am I? I am a freshman Communication major. I am the second oldest of four. I am quite but outgoing, energetic, considerate and youthful. I am in the organization AWIL: Aggie Women in Leadership. I love track but not too much running. i like to bake too, but i already said that lol :)


  • Communication major/minor in Business, from southeast Texas
  • I love my dog, shopping and netflix.
  • I love to talk and work with people, I’m a member of Aggie Gems, a Women’s organization here on campus. I plan on attending the Art Institute after graduating from here, and pursuing a career in fashion Marketing and Management. I love reaching out and helping people, even if that means just having a friendly conversation.


  • Hockley, TX - Freshman Communication Major.
  • I love solving problems, working with people, and having fun.
  • I have three dogs who are the center of my universe. I enjoy playing soccer and I do not enjoy running. I am follower of Jesus and I love Him. Being an Aggie is like the coolest thing ever. Also Parks and Rec is my favorite show of all time.


  • Keller, Texas- Sophomore Community Development Major.
  • I spend most of my time outside of school building relationships with family/friends, cooking new recipes, and adventuring.
  • My life is driven by my desire to glorify God in everything i do. A way i am able to do this is by loving on others through volunteering my time. I am an avid fan of all things music, cooking, and traveling. My life aspiration is to open a bagel food truck in Colorado. I’m looking forward to working as an AuPair in Barcelona this summer!


  • Fort Worth, Texas-Senior Communication/Spanish minor.
  • I love being active whenever I can.
  • My favorite things are coffee, donuts and instagram, but I also love helping out others to the best of my abilities, whenever I can.

Group Roles and Responsibilities

With 8 people in our group, it would have been difficult to assign specific roles to each member, so we all collaborated really well and unanimously made decisions throughout our project. Each person contributed to every aspect of the assignment, and we believe that’s what made us successful.

Executive Summary

Organization's Problem
  • The organization Preemie Prints is always in need of more sewing supplies, such as fabric and thread, to maintain their craft activities. These crafts help support their cause by providing clothing and stuffed animals for NICU babies and their families.
  • We became interested in this organization after Kinsy Fountain found them online during our brainstorming period and shared what their cause is about at our first group meeting.

Proposed Solution

  • To resolve this problem, the group +8 would like to commit to running a fabric drive this semester, in order to raise the necessary supplies. This would be accomplished through placing donation bags on the doors of neighborhoods in the Bryan/College Station community.


  1. We asked HEB grocery stores to donate 150 brown bags.
  2. We wrote up an explanatory letter about the organization and our Fabric Drive details to staple to each of the bags (See Letter under "Behind the Scenes").
  3. Then, half of the group met up to place the bags on neighborhood doors, and the other half met a week later to pick up the bags.
  4. Lastly, we organized all donation materials and presented them to Preemie Prints.

Final Results

  • Our initial goal was to help Preemie Prints and the NICU families in any way, shape, or form.
  • After receiving feedback from the President and Director of Preemie Prints, we decided our main goals were to raise awareness of the organization and contribute to their monthly sewing and crafting project meetings.
  • We initially had multiple ideas for a fabric drive, but over time, we made it into one concise idea: Neighborhood Outreach Fabric Drive.
  • We remained very focused on our goal and did not need to make any additional changes.
  • Within a semester's time, we predicted that our donations would not serve as a permanent solution, but our efforts did in fact make a large difference in the goals we set out to reach, which ultimately will have a permanent impact on Preemie Prints.
  • Through our project efforts, we were able to provide Preemie Prints with fabric donations and spread awareness of the organization's cause to local neighborhoods.
  • In the future, we believe our Fabric Drive project could expand to every neighborhood in the community with the help of all Preemie Prints volunteers. Our only limitation was we were so few, so with more support, the potential for success is absolutely possible.

Behind the Scenes

Group 2 Meeting Agenda

COMM 210/+8 Group Meeting Agenda

April 2, 2015

Objective: To outline goals for next phase of the project, and how they will be completed.


· Call Meeting to Order

· Discussion

I. Phase 2 Brainstorming
-Profit shares: dates, times and locations
-MSC table times schedule
-Flyers and Signs

II. Neighborhood Outreach

III. Contact with organization
-Next meeting: April 9

IV. Fishbowl Analysis Papers
-due April 14

V. SMORES project
-due April 30
-Continue to document, and begin to assemble

VI. Schedule next group meeting

VII. Questions

• End Meeting

Group Meeting 1 Agenda

COMM 210/+8 Group Meeting 2 Agenda

February 24, 2015

Objective: To outline goals for next assignment, and the next phase of the project.


· Call Meeting to Order

· Discussion

I. Define problem
-Finalize what +8 will be assisting Preemie Prints with, and how

II. Group Project Proposal
-Division and organization of work

III. Contact with organization
-Decide when to meet with organization

IV. Schedule next meeting

V. Questions/Tie up loose ends

· End Meeting

Our Group's Main Form of Communication: Groupme Texting

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Neighborhood Letters

We attached letters to the HEB bags placed in neighborhoods explaining our Fabric Drive's purpose and giving information on Preemie Prints. See below also:

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Volunteer Flyers

Along with the neighborhood letters, we attached flyers with dates for volunteer opportunities. See below also:

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On the Scenes

Group Signatures

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