Eagle Update - Summer 2019

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Can you believe it is the middle of July already? How quickly time can pass and we hope that everyone is enjoying their summer. We can't wait to hear about your summer adventures and all the fun that is taking place. It certainly feels like summer outside and so I hope that everyone is soaking up the sunshine that we have all been waiting for after a cool and rainy spring.

Once it hits July the stores all begin to get ready for the school year and we can't help to at least start thinking about the beginning of the new school year. It has been a busy summer here at Rose Glen with all the construction and the construction teams are working quickly to get us set for the start of the school year. It will be exciting to see all the changes and we will keep you posted if there is a need for changes in processes and procedures. We miss all of you and hope that everyone is doing well. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything or have questions as we get the school year started. This newsletter will preview some important updates and dates for you as we inch closer to the start of the school year. We are once again looking forward to SOARING LIKE EAGLES in the 2019-2020 school year!


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During the year the days fly by and before you know it the last day of school is upon us. We often forget to take a moment and reflect on all the great things that happened throughout the year and we forget to celebrate all that has been accomplished. As a school community we have a lot to celebrate and we should be proud of what we have accomplished as we work to provide the best learning environment possible for all of our Eagles. I thought I would take a moment to share just a couple of highlights from the 2019-2020 school year. Without all of your support many of the below celebrations would not be possible. Thank you very much for your continued to support of Rose Glen Elementary. It truly is a special place to be and a wonderful school community.

School Report Card:

We continue to Significantly Exceed Expectations with a score of 91 according to the WI DPI School Report Card. This is awesome and highlights our efforts to reach all of our students. This past year we are celebrating our Closing the Gap area of the School Report Card. The link for our report card and other report cards can be found below.

School Report Card Link

Makerspace Experiences:

This is our second year of digging into our Makerspace and providing our Eagles with opportunities to design, create, collaborate, communicate, and reflect. We are fortunate to have a dedicated space to engage in these activities and when you walk past the Makerspace you can see a high level of engagement and learning occurring. The kids are eager to share and proud of what they accomplish. We look forward to growing these experiences as we seek ways to integrate these learning experiences right into our current units of study. We use the LAUNCH Cycle to guide our planning and thinking. Click the link below to learn more about the LAUNCH Cycle. A huge appreciation to all of you for your support! Over the past couple of years PTO monies in tandem with received grants have really provided the majority of materials and tools for the space. We also appreciate the your donations throughout the year to support specific grade level and whole school projects. We also appreciate the time that many of you have given to organizing, prepping, and supervising activities. This is always very helpful and much appreciated!



This year we were able to install Phase I of Project Playground. WOW! This has been many years in the making and it finally became a reality this past fall! Kids are loving it and we also have a safe set of playground equipment for our youngest Eagles! It seems that the favorite part of the new equipment is the Spinning Tulip! Every grade and every age just seem to love spinning in that little tulip! Again, thank you for your commitment to providing fun and safe outdoor activities for our kids. Recess and outdoor play are so important and this provides great play opportunities for our Eagles.

Step It Up!:

This past year we replaced Jump Rope for Heart with the Step It Up! program. This was our first year with the program and overall it was a highly successful event for our school. It is always challenging finding a 'just right' fundraiser for a school. We truly were not sure what to expect, what the participation level would be like, or if they kids would like it. No fundraiser is perfect. However, thanks to the active participation of so many we were able to raise almost $15,000.00 from this event. These funds have been committed to Phase II of the Project Playground. Students also were able to participate in a Day of Awesomeness and I can tell you that they all had a GREAT time! At this time we will look to participate in this event again. This past year we had the event indoors and we plan to have the event outdoors at the end of the school year. Having the Day of Awesomeness outside will only allow for more fun activities and choice for all students. It should also be noted that we also donated approximately $2,000.00 to Project Echelon. See the link below for more information related to Project Echelon. Project Echelon is a local charity that supports our Veterans through physical activity and mentoring. A great cause and a great way to support our local community.

Project Echelon

Movie Night, Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Sock Hop, Book Fair, Grandparents Day, etc.:

Thanks to all of our volunteers who supported these fun events for our school! All of these events take time and planning and without the volunteers these events would not be possible! These events are always well attended and smiles are always visible. A special thanks to all of our volunteers who are in our building each day to support classrooms, Math In A Bag, Book In A Bag, copying, Friday Folders, Library Shelving, Lego League, etc. We love and appreciate your presence in the building and we appreciate the extra time you put into supporting our whole school community.

Chicken BBQ:

Once again our Chicken BBQ was a HUGE success! Approximately $30,000.00 was raised to support our school community! Just amazing and overwhelming at the same time. The dollars have been critical to enriching and updating our school environment. This year half of the monies have been set aside for Phase II of Project Playground and a good chunk has also been dedicated to 'flipping' classrooms. Our Chicken BBQ has played a huge role in updating classrooms and supporting our learners. School furniture and teacher resources are expensive. As many of you know our teachers spend quite a bit of their own money to support their classrooms. Having the opportunity to submit requests to PTO to support their classrooms is a gift and always greatly appreciated. Additionally, how can we not be proud of being able to pull off such a wonderful event! A day when we all come together for food, fun, and family. Take a moment to think about the magnitude of this event and the community that it builds. It always great to have see people coming back year after year because it is a tradition. Something that is special and unique to Rose Glen and our community. Something we should be so very proud of and something that has stood the test of time. Thanks to each family for supporting and participating in this great day and Rose Glen holiday!

Movement & Art Social:

What a nice addition to our school calendar at the end of the year! Families had an opportunity to experience PE with their child and see their child's creative accomplishments from the year. What a nice relaxing evening with families. It was perfect evening for it and the ice-cream was a delicious way to end the night. The event was highly attended and we look forward to our second Movement & Art Social next spring!

Communication Information

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We know that this might be the first newsletter that our families new to Rose Glen are receiving. Below is some great information related to how we communicate with our families at Rose Glen.

There are three primary communication sources for families at Rose Glen. This includes our weekly newsletter, Facebook, and our website.

Weekly Smore Newsletter:

You will receive a school newsletter each week via email. This is why it is critical to ensure that your email is updated within IC. We want to make sure that you receive this newsletter with critical information. Starting in August you should receive an "Eagle Update" each Monday. If you are not receiving the newsletter then please contact the office. Grade levels also have a newsletter that will be shared with families on Friday. The grade level newsletters will come out approximately two times per month. Again, you will receive an email with all of the grade level newsletters.


Our fabulous PTO maintains our Facebook page. They are highly responsive and pro-active. Our Facebook page will also include our school and grade level newsletters. Therefore, this is another great place to check and see if you are receiving the newsletters as they will be posted on Facebook. PTO also pulls critical information from the newsletter and will post frequently. This is also a great place to check for upcoming events, snow cancellations, etc. You can find us at Rose Glen PTO Facebook.


Another resource for families is our school website. Lots of information for you on our website including weekly and grade level newsletters. Be sure to take a look so that you become familiar with what resources are available to you on the website. Rose Glen School Website

Classroom Configurations 2019-2020

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The below information was posted in one of our Spring Eagle Updates. Listed are the teachers and the teacher configurations for the upcoming school year. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Student placement will be shared the first week of August. You will be able to see your child's teacher in Infinite Campus (IC). Please be sure that you are able to access your account so that you are able to see your child's teacher. Please know that a lot of thought and time goes into planning for classes. Therefore, class placements will be considered final when shared with you in August. We appreciate your support and understanding when it comes to our process for developing classrooms.

5th Grade:

We are excited to welcome a new teacher to our fifth grade teaching team! Ms. Joelle Millonzi will be joining us from Whittier Elementary School. She will be a wonderful addition to our 5th grade team and to our school team.

The fifth grade team will be comprised of one specializing team and one homeroom classroom.

Ms. Joelle Millonzi and Mrs. Nancy Burmeister (Specializing):

Ms. Millonzi will anchor the literacy portion of the day and Mrs. Burmeister will anchor the math portion of the day. Half of the day students will spend their time in Ms. Millonzi’s room for literacy and half of the day students will spend their time in Mrs. Burmeister’s room for math.

Mr. Darrin Springer:

Mr. Springer will be teaching both literacy and math. His students will remain with him the entire day.

4th Grade:

There will be four sections of fourth grade for the upcoming school year. Each teacher will maintain their classroom for the duration of the day. Therefore, each teacher will be teaching literacy, math, science, and social studies. The fourth grade teachers for the upcoming year are:

  • Mrs. Jennifer Burns

  • Mrs. Pachion Carlson (moving from 5th grade to 4th grade)

  • Mrs. Lynn Conley

  • Mrs. Chris Marcks

3rd Grade:

There will be three sections of third grade for the upcoming school year. Each teacher will maintain their classroom for the duration of the day. Therefore, each teacher will be teaching literacy, math, science, and social studies. The third grade teachers for the upcoming year are:

  • Mrs. Melissa Behm

  • Mrs. Merry Komar

  • Mrs. Sara Frye (formerly Ms. Sara Matze-moving from 1st grade to 3rd grade)

2nd Grade:

There will be four sections of second grade for the upcoming school year. There will be one team-teaching configuration and two homeroom classrooms.

Mrs. Kelly Coffey & Mrs. Diana Mayo:

Mrs. Coffey and Mrs. Mayo will be team-teaching two second grade classrooms.

Ms. Marissa Zerbel:

Ms. Marissa Zerbel will maintain her own homeroom and will teach literacy, math, science, and social studies.

Mrs. Cathy Boyajian:

We will be welcoming Mrs. Boyajian from Whittier Elementary. She has been teaching second grade at Whittier and we are fortunate to have her join our second team and our school community!

1st Grade:

There will be three first grade classrooms for the upcoming school year. Each teacher will maintain their classroom for the duration of the day. Therefore, each teacher will be teaching literacy, math, science, and social studies. The first grade teachers for the upcoming year are:

  • Mrs. Katie Czarnecki

  • Mrs. Lori LaValle

  • Mrs. Sarah Shumaker


We will have four sections of kindergarten for the upcoming school year. We will be welcoming Mrs. Melissa Theiler to our kindergarten team! She is joining us from Whittier Elementary and we know that she is going to do a great job here at Rose Glen. All four kindergarten teachers will maintain their own homeroom of kindergarten students. The three kindergarten teachers are:

  • Mrs. Beth Anne Krahn

  • Ms. Kaitlyn Miszewski

  • Mrs. Sarah Relich

  • Mrs. Melissa Theiler

We are very excited for the upcoming school year and what it will bring for our students and our whole school community! We certainly will be SOARING LIKE EAGLES as we move into the upcoming school year.

Picture Day

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Mark your calendar!! Rose Glen's Picture Day will be on Wednesday, August 21 from 11-5. You will be receiving emails prior to Picture Day from Lifetouch, our photographer, with a list of the selection of picture packages available and reminder notices so you don't miss it. You will also have the opportunity to pre-order pictures and yearbooks online. If your family is unable to attend on that day, Rose Glen will have a "Picture Re-take Day" on Wednesday, October 9th for anyone who missed Picture Day or is not satisfied with their photos.

Rose Glen Construction

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The construction continues and they are working hard to ensure that all is completed by the start of school! This week it is really coming together and the drywall is going up. This is always the exciting part as it means we are getting to the finishing touches. Stay tuned for how this will impact our building entry policies and procedures. It will be exciting for all to see the finished work and updates to the building.

2019-20 School Supply List

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School Supply Lists

Click the box to access the Rose Glen School Supply Lists