Katelynn From A to Z

No Rest is Worth Anything, Except The Rest That Is Earned

"Who Am I" ∞

Many things can describe a person but im not one of those things, Yes i have many skills, values, self-esteem, and learning styles, but not only one word can describe me. One of my many skills is doing arts and crafts, i love to do art on my free time. Another skill would be sports, im good at certain sports that i like. My values now thats a another topic, I value cross country, My family, food, religious services, and clothes, just a few things that are absoloutly important to me. My self-esteem is mostly high, I'm my very own individual and always confident i can accomplish task after task. Finally my learning style, i have a very different learning style, i like to do things like projects or anything that involves with making things or putting together a presentation, i love learning that is fun! Overall if i had to use one word to describe myself it would be Outgoing. I believe all of these things should be considered when finding a career because it helps the interviewer find out what kind of person you are, it also helps them decide if they want a person like you at their buisness.

"Where Am I Going" ∞

"How Do I Get There"

The college I would like to go to is Houston University, it is located in Houston Texas.

I chose this college because i have always wanted to live in Texas, it is beautiful, and they have great education programs, every college will have the type of education i need for my career, The University of Texas is also considered the center of Health Science. But other that the education Texas is also just one of my favorite's. This college is fairly far away from where i'm living now.

The requirements for becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) mainly include having a bachelor's degree in nursing (or other appropriate baccalaureate degree), Registered Nurse license, a minimum of one year acute care experience (for example, ICU or ER), and the successful completion of both an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program and the national certification examination.

For Texas residents the cost per hour is 216 dollars.

A couple of degrees I am hoping to accomplish are a bachelors, masters, or even doctorate degree.