What's a Snow Leopard?

Poaching is Worse Than Ever! We need to stop it!

The Snow Leopard

Scientific Name - Panthera uncia

I picked the snow leapord because they are my favorite animal and they are beautiful.

The Snow Leapord lives high in the Asian Mountain Ranges in Russia and India. They are from 55 - 165 lbs. and can leap up to 20 feet or more in the air when approaching prey. They use their long tails to balance themselves while they are climbing the mountains. They show that they are around by using their claws to scratch boulders and the dirt on the ground. Poachers are killing them for their skin, bones, teeth, and other body parts. They are illegal trading just for a litte cash in the black market.

The Cold Hard Facts!

There is only an estimated 4,080-6,590 left

Usually about 2 - 5 feet

77-120 lbs. but female snow leopard

have large, wide paws so they don't sink into the snow

They have green or gray eyes, unusual for big cats

Why Should We Save Them?

Snow Leopards are important because they are a tertiary consumer and if they are gone, the goats, sheep, horses, and yak calves will overpopulate, and everything will spin out of control.

What We Can Do!

We need to shut don the black market all together. It has gotten out of control with a lot of animals and poachers are the reason for a lot of extinctionsof animals. Also, on http://www.worldwildlife.org/species/snow-leopard, there you can adopt a snow leopard and the money from that is working to help bring them back, and put the world wildlife logo on your checks and credit card to help.