Forced Marriages

Is it ever right to be forced into something you don't want?

Is it right for Deepa to be forced to marry?

  • No because she hasn't got a opinion towards it, she should have a say in
  • She has not gotten a chance to live her life yet, she is only thirteen
  • Deepa has not had the time to experience anything she doesn't even know what she wants or what she likes or does not like yet.


  • The average age for which the male is older than the female is usually 4-5 years of age.
  • The percent of marriages arranged in the world is 55%
  • Nepal, South Asia,India, and Bangladesh are the main countries that marry their kids off before the allowed legal age.
  • South Asia has 48%, Bangladesh has 27.3%, India has 26%, Nepal has 25.5%
  • The global rate for divorce is only 6% because they are raised to stay with the people they are married.
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Why is it inappropriate for girls to be traded & treated like products?

Girls are not products, they should be treated as equals with everyone else, girls should have a say in the things about their life.

Group question: How would you feel if your sister, mother, etc. was treated like a product? How many of you feel that it's ok for them to be treated like that?

You could think of a forced marriage as a extent of human trafficking, the girls aren't being sold to many buyers for money but they are somewhat being sold to one person. (Ex. Deepa is being forced to marry someone who is 5 years older than her, and her fathers ownership will be passed down to her new husband.) Think about it isn't that like human trafficking she is being sold basically to her new husband that she doesn't even know.
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