LIfe on the goldfields

Life on the goldfields was difficult. When people first started arriving on the goldfields they lived in calico tents and slept in makeshift mattresses which were filled with leaves , but when time went by , bark huts and stone buildings were built to replace tents. Miners also had to have simple diets , this is because there was not much food on the goldfields and to save money to pay for their license but , some would bug alcohol illegally instead of food and use their money to gamble.

Life on the goldfields were also very strict.The miners had to pay a fee of 30 shillings per month for their licences to mine on the goldfields. If there licences had expired miners could be arrested or even killed. There was also another big law on the goldfields which was that no alcohol could be sold on the goldfields , this was to prevent bad behavior on the goldfields. This law did not stay. After a matter of time people were selling illegal alcohol.

Tools used to mine and different techniques

Chinese on the Goldfields

Chinese were very successful on the goldfields. They where successful because they were very patient and where very particular with finding gold. They where also very successful in finding gold because they worked long hours and days. The Chinese also worked in groups and helped each other succeed in finding gold. The Chinese would share shelter , food and water with each other .When the Chinese found gold some would send there gold back to China to their families.

Women on the Goldfield

When the gold rush first started there were not much women on the goldfields about 10%. Women would normally stay behind in hope for there husbands to strike and send them gold. But as conditions improved a bigger population of women came to the goldfields. When the women came o the goldfields they would clean , cook and watch their kids while some would help their husbands look for gold.

Children on the Goldfields

Children would normally stay with there mums in there homes while there dads would go to the goldfields. But when there mothers went to the goldfields the children would just run around and try and help look for gold.