Cardinal Connection

March 2014

KPREP Testing Window

The district made the decision to make our KPREP window May 27-June 2. The make up week is June 3-6. Fun times!!!! We will still have our mock KPREP Prep the week after spring break.
The state song

4th Diagnostic & Proficiency Window

Diagnostic Window

Reading March 10

Math March 17

Science February 21

Social Studies April 7

Proficiency Window

Reading April 21

Math April 18

Science April 21

Social Studies April 21

Please document in your ChIP feedback form when you are analyzing your grade group writing pieces. You need this documentation for instructional and Program Review purposes.

Professional Conversations

Prior to giving a grade group common assessment or district assessment please have professional conversations around where students will potentially "struggle". The professional discourse will lead into deeper understanding of the content and its delivery. Through these conversations you may have to revise your instruction to minimize the number of students that may struggle on an assignment or an assessment. The wording unfortunately is a common "obstacle" with our district assessments. The standards require critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning. Those skills have to be modeled and taught on a continuous basis. The common core requires us to use our professional skills to help students master the standards. Remember the elevator video you all viewed at the staff development in the fall? Is your instruction stuck on the elevator? The old, "I taught it, but they didn't get it" explanation is no longer acceptable within our profession. All professions require collaborative work to face and solve "challenges".

Stuck On An Escalator - Take Action

Professional Development for K-2 teachers and staff June 16, 2014 8:00a.m.-3:00p.m.

Unless we have more snow. We will have Ginny Dowd come to Chancey on June 16 from 8:00a.m.-3:00p.m. We will partner with Shelby and Blake Elementary and their primary teachers will also attend. The PD will be at Chancey. The PD is for K-2 teachers and anyone else that would like to attend. Each teacher will receive a grade specific teacher manual and CD. Six hours of professional development will be available for this PD. Ask our first grade team about how the Phonics Dance has impacted their ELA instruction. This is an intentional daily word work instruction/assessment.
The Phonics Dance! Official Video with author creator Ginny Dowd

Second grade Phonics Dance

Phonics Dance
With our partnership with Northeast Christian and our PTA we were able to combine funds from the general budget to purchase Journeys for grades 2-5. It has been ordered and shipped. We are waiting on the truck.:) Please have your students write thank you notes for the generous donation of $18,500 from Northeast Christian Church. The pastor asked the congregation to donate to Chancey to purchase ELA curricular materials. They were able to raise $18,500!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Chancey Challenge funds of $6,000 also went towards our Journeys' program. NECC will present the check to us tomorrow at 2:00pm. K/1 teachers just please be patient I have not forgotten about you...................:)

Thoughts & Prayers

J. R. is a student in first grade

Thoughts & Prayers for our first grader that was hit by a car on Tazwell. He is in intensive care and is critical. The last information I received was that he is in a coma. He will not be back for the rest of the year. Every morning he would come in the building looking for "that Lori lady". I would always say, "Mrs. Dewboys" and he would reply. "No, that Lori lady." He had a thing for Lori. Sweetest little chatter box. He also has siblings at Chancey.