Miss Schanck's Class Newsletter

March 6, 2015

Important Dates

  • Happy Birthday, Sophie! She turned six yesterday!
  • Next week our school will start the Iditaread (sorry for the confusion). I will be sending home reading logs every afternoon. Please send them back completed each day.

Letter Learning

The letters we have learned about the last three weeks have been V, E, and R. Here are some highlights from our learning.

  • We experimented with vinegar. We cleaned pennies, dissolved the shell of an egg, and made chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar.
  • We wrote letters and sent them in envelopes.
  • We took the school's elevator to the second floor and back!

School Events and Celebrations

  • Last week we celebrated the 100th Day of School!
  • On Monday we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday.
  • On Friday we got to meet a sled dog musher.