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First Week of School

We had an exciting and busy first week of school. Our students were fabulous and it was so great to have them in classrooms all week long. The teachers focused on Care and Connection to build a real sense of community in each classroom. I saw a variety of activities and there were built on the subject area and required active learning in order to build community.

Student Pick Up After School

Due to the pandemic we have about three times more cars picking up students after school than in the past. This is causing the pick up lanes for parents and busses to get clogged. It also poses a danger to walkers who are difficult to see in the crowded lanes.

Starting Monday, September 13th we will have all cars pick up their students on the South side of the school between 2:55 - 3:30 PM. Come in the entrance with the light. Pick up your student(s) near the cafeteria. We will remind students with announcements that this is the place to be picked up after school. This should substantially speed up the pick up lines for both cars and school busses.

Lunches and 6 foot spacing

Lunches have been one of the biggest adjustments for our students. There are new spaces such as the two courtyards, the Library, many more tables outside the lunchroom, and the Community room to eat in. There is also the requirement to sit six feet apart. Staying six feet apart does not come naturally to many people during meals. We like to converse and be heard. It is still possible to talk and be heard, six feet apart at meals, this distancing is necessary to minimize the chance of spread of COVID-19. Please talk to your student(s) about maintaining a six foot distance from others while eating. We will be reminding students and training them to do this, but reinforcement from home will also be helpful.

COVID-19 Vaccinations at SBHC

The School Based Health Center at Centennial High School is offering free COVID-19 vaccinations to students and their families. They are holding a clinic every Thursday afternoon from 2:40 - 4:40 PM.

Masks at Athletic Contests

All spectators are required to wear masks at athletic contests both indoors and outdoors. We will provide disposable masks if you forget one, it breaks, or gets dirty, etc. This is to comply with the Governor's order and to keep all of our students, athletes, staff, officials, and community members safe from the spread of COVID. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask, we do broadcast most of our home athletic contests. Follow this link to see the Live streaming.