Herrington TAG Tribune

April 27, 2017

TAG Parent Coffee

Thursday, May 11th, 7:15-7:45am

Mrs. Salvati's room, A108

Independent Study Projects

Spring Passion Projects are finishing up and we'll be working on special projects for the remainder of the school year.

What's coming up in Math:

3rd grade will be studying:

  • Personal Financial Literacy
  • Multiplication and Division with larger numbers

4th grade will be studying:

  • Graphing and Data Analysis
  • Applications of Algebra

5th grade will be studying:

  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Circles

**Homework is due on Fridays.**

Remember that your child should not be spending more than the following amount of time per week on math homework. They can ask for help throughout the week.

  • 3rd grade -- 60 minutes
  • 4th grade -- 80 minutes
  • 5th grade -- 100 minutes

Check the "Math Links" page on Mrs. Nerhood's webpage for additional online practice. Think Through Math is a great online learning tool that builds its lessons around each individual students' areas of need.

What's coming up in Reading/Literature:

2nd grade is reading Red by Liesl Shurtliff.


3rd grade is reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill.


4th grade is reading Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos.


5th grade is reading The War that Saved My Life by Kimberely Brubaker Bradley.


Breakout EDU

TAG was awarded a mini-grant from the Gifted & Advanced Academic Department to purchase Breakout EDU boxes. In Breakout EDU games, players work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open one or more locked boxes.

Third, fourth, and fifth grade TAG Math students participated in their first Breakout, The Spyder Heist, a math-themed game involving perimeter, expanded and written numeral form, subtraction, and coordinate planes. The entire class had to work together to problem solve and think critically. They had 2 opportunities to ask for a hint, and 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

Reading, Math, and ISP classes are working together to earn Breakout boxes. We have the ability to create a game in several content areas.