PreHealth Holistic Reviews @ Oxford

Why the PreHealth Holistic Review (PHHR)?

  • Connect early with the Emory PreHealth Mentoring Office
  • Learn what it means to be pre-health
  • Learn about the academic and co-curricular activities you should be participating in
  • Learn what the application timeline looks like
  • Discuss how to know if your are ready to apply

Oxford PreHealth Holistic Reviews

  • Second year pre-health students interested in Medicine, Dentistry, Vet, Mental Health, Public Health, Nursing, or any other healthcare profession
  • RSVP to come meet with a PHMO academic advisor for your Group PHHR. Click on the links below to view available times for the respective day:

January 29th:

February 11th:

February 26th:

RSVP ASAP for spaces are limited and there may not be any other times offered this Spring Semester 2016

More information on the PHHR


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