Christmas in Italy

By: Julianna Milidantri

What is Christmas in Italy like?

In Italy, Christmas celebrations are based on Christianity. Eight days before Christmas (December 25th) are spent in prayers. Their prayers end on Christmas Day. On December 23rd, one day before Christmas Eve, all of the children dress up as shepherds and take part in singing and recitations. Children also get money for buying Christmas treats. Everyone fasts for 24 hours before enjoying a large Christmas feast that has no meat whatsoever.

What is the Difference Between Italian and American Christmases?


A traditional American Christmas often does not include prayers and fasting. In Italy, fasting is strictly enforced before their Christmas feasts, whereas in the USA you are allowed to eat your Christmas dinners whenever they are ready to be served, and there are usually meats. Also, in America there is no dressing up as shepherds.