Pride Post

September 19-23

Thoughts from Kim

If you have not had the opportunity to get in on the 3rd Thursday of the month chat from 8-9 PM #iTeachMO, here are some important tweeted highlights:

This week was all about promoting positive behavior.

  • Action>motivation. Worksheets are not motivating, nor are lame assignments. Ss recognize busywork; let's honor their learning - Dr. Anderson
  • Let Ss know the day is better because they got to spend it with you - Dr. Stiengraber
  • Even on rough days, I want my students to have a clean slate when they walk through my door - Lisa Garrett
  • We as Ts might be the only positive force in their life & the only version of love they see - Brandon Randall
  • It starts with the adult attitude. We set the tone - Katie Frey
  • Our dress, our mood, our words, our nonverbals all influence positive behavior - Kathy Gross
  • It all starts with the hiring process. Hire positive people who are all about kids - Chris Parker

Attendance Data Audits - Coming Soon

During the back to school Attendance Training sessions, Dr. Courtney Martin and Amy St. John shared the 2016-17 SPS Attendance Manual ( In effort to best support buildings and remain in compliance with DESE financial reporting, the department of Assessment, Accountability & Analytics (AAA) will monitor attendance code usage, absentee daily report, teachers not taking attendance report, physical Time In/Time Out log sheets at the building. The overall Average Daily Attendance (ADA) by student and building must be accurate in a timely manner. This includes ensuring all teachers are taking attendance. This data is utilized for budgeting and accountability purposes. In the coming weeks, members of the AAA team will visit buildings to review above stated and on the job training as needed.

New pledge law: There is a new pledge of allegiance law going into effect. Our current board policy states--"Pursuant to state law, the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited in at least one scheduled class of every student no less than once a week. However, no student will be required to participate in the recitation." We will continue to follow this current policy and our current practice until the BOE approves a different policy. (Most sites recite daily, so this is a relative non-issue in SPS)

What is happening this week?

September 19-23

September 19th- Appy Hour at Glendale from 4:30-6:30

September 20th- Mrs. Sublett at Conference in Jefferson City - Effective Feedback

September 20th- Faculty Meeting- Led by Mrs. Redman and Mrs. Terry 3:15-4:15

September 21st- Mrs. Dorsey out all day for coaches meeting

September 21st- Project Team meeting 9:30-10:30 (Sublett, Cooper, Coaches, Stewart)

September 21st- One Sole Purpose Shoe Delivery

September 22nd- Mrs. Patrick out all day for coaches meeting

September 22nd- 4th grade field trip to Camp Wakonda (Social Studies PBL) 8:00

September 23rd- Pride Assembly 8:00

September 23rd- Principals of Leadership - Mrs. Sublett out

IGNiTE Appy Hour

Monday, Sep. 19th, 4:30pm

2727 South Ingram Mill Road

Springfield, MO

The First Appy Hour of the year is this coming Monday at 4:30. Come out early for tinker time starting at 3:30. Five teachers will win money to use for their classroom. I hope to see you there.

PTA Clothing Bank Video

Great resource for families!
PTA Clothing Bank

Mid 1st Quarter

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 12pm

all throughout SPS land

Seriously? Mid quarter already? Great time to connect with home to build relationships and partnerships around our students successes and opportunities-
Feedback Form

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Toys for the holiday

Help Give Hope, a charity that supports children in southwest Missouri, is beginning its 2016 Christmas Project in cooperation with Springfield Public Schools. Families interested in receiving assistance must attend the Help Give Hope application event and complete an application any time from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24, at Reed Academy, located at 2000 N. Lyon. Learn more. This deadline is next week.