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Resources for young readers, genre study & lesson planning.

What makes a great reader?

GREAT reading is not determined by age, "level", or score on a test. Great readers are developed over time, and become more competent and confident the more they practice this work across increasingly more complex texts. Take a look at this mini-lesson about what makes a GREAT reader.

Strong Readers Never Quit
Pattern Seeking in Reading


Gradual release model of genre support

The San Juan Unified School District has a compilation of resources for all phases of the gradual release model of genre support. It is definitely worth a look!

What Makes a Good Non-Fiction Writer? (Pt 1)
Having a Non-fiction Reading Plan


Often we spend so much time planning our lessons that we don't focus on why we are implementing a certain activity or what we hope our students will be able to achieve after the lesson is over. We must focus on the WHY!

Angela Maiers

Angela is the founder and President of Maiers Education Services a consulting firm headquartered in Clive, Iowa. Her company provides just-in-time consultation services to schools, organizations, and individuals seeking to use technology and social media to leverage human capital and production goals.

Previously, Angela spent twenty years as an educator, passionately pursuing literacy and learning.