Asteroids, Meteors, & Comets

Dylan Black


C-Type, mostly composed of carbon. The most common type of asteroid.

M-Type, composed of various metals, but mostly iron. The rarest type of asteroid.

S-Type, composed of silicon. Extremely reflective of sunlight.

Meteors and Variants

Meteoroid - In space.

Meteor - Entering the atmosphere.

Meteorite - Making contact with the ground.


Nucleus - The frozen center of the comet, consisting of ice, gas, and dust. It is very, very small.

Coma - The roughly spherical cloud surrounding the nucleus. Composed of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ammonia, dust, and neutral gases.

Dust Trail - Composed of, shockingly enough, dust. Faces both away from the sun, as well as opposite of the comet's direction of travel, which gives it a curve.

Ion Trail - Composed of charged gas. Always faces away from the sun due to the energy the sun gives off.