Flooding in South Carolina

Matthew L.

Bridges, And Road's

In South Carolina there has been flooding, and i'm here to talk about it. In the the past few weeks there has been flooding, and rain 1 of 3 bridges help up. Roads have sinked in, and people have been donating , and volinteering to held. The dam that most people were taking about was the Beaver dam. This dam held thousonds of pounds of water, and can, and did wipe out homes and roads. A tremendous amount of roads have clasped. The water had accually wiped away roads, homes, and buildings. Although the flooding was severe we still do all we can to fix it. Some houses and apartments were underwater, and destroyed everything in it's path.


In the flooding it rainded more than 20 inches of rain. It flooded whole apartments and whole houses. There was a big shopping spree in the flooding at local stores. People were going door to door asking and barrowing to use things and to drink things. It was a tragic time in history and will go down in the books.