European Starling.

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Name and Alias

  • The scientific name for our topic is Sturnus Vulgaris.
  • The common name for this bird is the European Starling, Starling or the purple- winged starling.

A physical description.

  • Chunky, black-bird sized
  • short tails
  • Long, slender beaks
  • In flight, their wings are short and pointed, making them look like small 4 pointed stars. Thus, getting their name
  • At distance, they look black.
  • In the summer they are a purplish-green iridescent with yellow beaks.
  • In fresh winter, they look brown with white spots.

Birthplace and Method of transportation

This Bird was originally from North America. They arrived by Shakesphere Enthusiastis
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This species is found in almost all of our 50 states year-round.


  • They poop in the water
  • carry diseases
  • Also, eat farmers crops

Punishment/ sentence

What is one way we are trying to manage the negative impact of the European Starling in the United States. Starlings may selectively eat the high-protein supplements that are often added to livestock rations.
Tatyana Alston, Crystal Yapul