Enrichment Update

This week and SPRING SIGN-UPS

Spring Enrichment Sign-ups

If you are planning to take part in Masquers (non-musical drama), Literary Magazine, or the new 6th grade Mathletes, you need to sign up by FRIDAY.

You can find the form here, or below.

This Week and Next Week:

Tuesday, April 5:

  • Finish School Buzz

Wednesday, April 6:

  • Youth and Government

Thursday, April 7:

  • MASQUERS Overview for 6th Grade
  • Good Deed Club for 7th and 8th grades

Friday, April 8:

  • Good Deed Club for 7th and 8th grades

Week of April 11:

Monday and Tuesday-- 8th Grade Only: Good Deed Club

Wednesday, April 13:

  • Masquers and Youth & Government

Thursday, April 14:

  • Masquers
Friday, April 15:

  • 6th Grade Mathletes
  • 7th and 8th Grade Good Deed Club

STEAM Showcase

Remember to sign up for the STEAM Showcase!

This is great for people who love:

model trains, rocket launches, architecture, science fiction, race-car making, gardening, theatrical tech work, video game design, computer programming, music composition, 3-D printing, film-making, etc.

Information is available here!