What's Happening in Third Grade

Week of September 19-23

Box Tops

Don't forget to clip & save Box Tops! These earn our school MONEY. We are currently raising money for drums in the music room.

Reading Envelopes

Keep returning those reading envelops after your child has read their book 3 times.

If your child's book comes with a quiz return the quiz in their envelop.

Once a student has retuned 10 books they will get to eat in the classroom!

Your feedback on the envelopes has been very helpful! Keep it up.

International Day of peace

Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 8:30am

310 South Scott Avenue

Belton, MO

Next Wednesday is the International Day of Peace!

We celebrate and observe this day by dressing in peace themed clothes, so feel free to have your child dress in tie dye, peace signs, and other peace themed clothes on this day!

Friday Nights on Broadway

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 3:45-5:30pm

310 South Scott Avenue

Belton, MO

Students must return their permission to attend. Tickets were sent home with those that have already returned their permission slip.

What we're learning this week...

Reading: Personal Narratives are stories that the author writes about an event that has actually happened to them. We will be reading stories by Patricia Polacco and other personal narratives to explore these types of texts.

Writing: In writing this week we will begin learning how to use transition words in our writing in order to sequence events.

Math: Continue practicing skip counting by and 3's and 4's. This is an important skip for your child to know in order to be successful at multiplication. In math we will continue to use different strategies to solve multiplication and division equations.

Science/Social Studies: Ecosystems and Habitats

Word Wall Words: Who, Are, Can't, Our, Don't

Questions, concerns, or praise? Contact your teacher...

Mrs. Hammack -- bhammack@bsd124.org

Mrs. Timmins -- ctimmins@bsd124.org

Miss Steffen -- msteffen@bsd124.org