Literate Cape

We All Need to READ!

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Cape Henlopen High School PTO

Thanks for the wonderful holiday luncheon from the parents of the CHHS students! Your support is much appreciated!

"Melody" by Marialy Rivas

At this time of year music is everywhere. Our schools have amazing music teachers and many parents have attended holiday concerts where children are center stage. Watch this documentary and be touched by a children's orchestra in Chile where students pursue their loe of music to escape poverty.
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Book Club Pick: Bomb: The Race to Build - and Steal- the World's Most Dangerous Weapon, written by Steve Sheinkin

An ALA Award winning non-fiction is my pick for this month's Book Club.

"In this suspenseful combination of science and history, Sheinkin masterfully exposes the international race to develop an atomic weapon and bring an end to World War II. This true-life spy thriller features an international cast of characters and will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Period photographs of key players and an abundance of primary sources bring this well-researched story to life. Sheinkin gives readers insight into what happened with all of the major players after the end of the war. A thought-provoking epilogue on the long term implications of atomic weaponry reminds readers that the results of scientific inquiry have long term implications for everyone." from the American Library Association website

My Gratitude List for 2015

I'm grateful for

  • a caring community
  • teachers and staff who work hard for our children
  • many resources including our beautiful towns
  • my work with children, teachers and literature!

Have fun this holiday and take along some books wherever you go!

- Diane Albanese