Team One Newsletter

Week of 9/23-9/27

Jeff Bromley - Social Studies

Happy Sunday!! We all are looking forward to the week, and this is what we will be doing:

Monday 9/23- Review Mesopotamia, take quiz

Tuesday 9/24- Introduce Hammurabi Law

Wednesday 9/25- Code of Hammurabi DBQ

Thursday 9/26- Code of Hammurabi DBQ

Friday 9/27- Code of Hammurabi DBQ


While writing this, I am out of town! I missed school on Friday and will miss school on Monday (9/9). Students who are concerned with grades will have an opportunity to turn in and correct assignments for full credit upon my return.

This week we will:

  • Continue learning about Climate
  • Do our second assessment grade (exit ticket)
  • Begin working from our interactive textbooks

Last week we:

  • Began learning about climate
  • Climate Title Page
  • Climate Vocab
  • Bottom to Top Lab

Meaghan Harriott - Language Arts

This week we will...

Monday 9/23: Review Claims, take a quiz

Tuesday 9/24: Write a Summary for Story 2 & 3 from Steve Jobs Speech

Thursday 9/25: Make Inference/ Claim on Character Trait for Steve Jobs

Friday 9/26: Library/ Continue Character Traits for Steve Jobs

Last week we...

Reviewed the rules for capitalization and took a quiz. Learned how to make a claim and began writing summaries for Story 1 in Steve Jobs Speech.

Allison Watts - Math

We are continuing Module 1 Ratios this week! Students will receive homework over lessons 9-15 (excluding lesson 10 homework because they will do an exit ticket in class as an assessment grade). Its is a problem over every lesson. It will not be due until September 18th. They may do it all in one sitting on the 17th or if they want they can just do one problem a night based on what lesson we covered that day!

Join my Class remind 101 where I will send out updates such as night before tests/quizzes and any important things your students need to know before class the next day!


This week we will:

Monday- Lesson 14

Tuesday- Lesson 15

Wednesday -Review


Friday- Lesson 16

Homework this week:

Monday- Lesson 14

Tuesday- Lesson 15

Wednesday - Whatever we do not finish of the review!


Friday- Lesson 16

Meri Miller-Kahle - Special Services

La informaccion de Smore que usted recibe se puede traducir usando el buton el la parte inferior de la pantalla . A contunuacion se muestra un imagen de la opcion de pagina de traduccion.
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