JULY 28, 2020

FPS District Nurses Health Planning | 20-21 Issue 03

(Please see this 4 minute video below for a message from our district nurses below about the continued work on Reopening Doors planning)

FPS Nurses Updates & Planning


As shared by the nurses, they have been doing a lot of work around better defining our processes and procedures when it comes to how we will address symptoms or suspected cases of COVID-19 in our schools. We have redesigned our Reopening Doors and Frequently Asked Questions pages on our district website to reflect some of the potential scenarios that could occur.

We ask that you please head to the FAQ and review the recently updated information in the COVID-19 RELATED QUESTIONS and UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS sections so you can be better informed to make your decision on whether to have your child attend In-Person instruction or to enroll for Virtual. A screenshot below shows what the newly updated sections look like.

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The rest of this update shares some top-of-mind scenarios that families may be wondering about. All of the information contained in the rest of this update is expanded upon in our FAQ's.

What safety measures will be taken by FPS to minimize the spread of infection during In-Person instruction?

While we will try to socially distance to the extent possible, the physical makeup of our classrooms and the number of students per class will not allow for every student to be 6-feet apart from each other at all times. We will focus our efforts on the following practices to prevent the spread of infection:

  1. Requiring face masks or coverings for all students and staff
  2. Enforcing frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing at scheduled intervals, including the start of the school day, prior to eating, and following room changes
  3. Sanitizing surfaces that are frequently touched with each change in student group
  4. Grouping students within cohorts as much as possible
  5. Ensuring that our processes support students and staff who are showing signs of illness to stay home
  6. Daily disinfection of the entire school building

For more information about the safety precautions that will consistently be practiced for those attending In-Person instruction, please see the Universal Precautions section of the FAQs.

What will be the FPS response to COVID-19 cases, contacts, or exposures among staff and students?

FPS will work under the direction of the Franklin Health Department and in partnership with community health care providers to swiftly and effectively respond to concerns for the potential spread of COVID-19 in our school buildings. To understand how that may look in different circumstances, please review the following (3) scenarios with corresponding FPS actions:

1) A student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19

  • The individual who tests positive for COVID-19 will be excluded for 10 days from the point symptoms first appeared INCLUDING at least 72 hours of no symptoms
  • The district will identify close contacts and exclude them for 14 days

2) A student or staff members shows signs of illness that meet the definition of suspected COVID-19

  • Please see the FAQ for information on what defines suspected COVID-19
  • The individual showing signs of illness is sent to isolation room to be evaluated by a District Nurse or designee
  • If the symptoms meet the definition for suspected COVID-19, the individual with symptoms is excluded until:

10 days from the point symptoms first appeared INCLUDING at least 72 hours of no symptoms

- OR -

They test negative for COVID-19, documentation of a negative test result is submitted, and they are symptom-free for 24 hours

- OR -

There is documented evidence by a medical provider clearing your child’s return as a result of diagnosis with another illness that would account for similar symptoms

The district will identify close contacts and exclude pending investigation by the District and Franklin Health Department.

3) A student or staff member has been identified as a close contact to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 or has suspected COVID-19

To be identified as a close contact, an individual must be reported to have been in one of the following occurrences with an individual with COVID-19:
  • Direct physical contact (hug, handshake, high five, etc.)

- OR -

  • In the same room or indoor or outdoor location for greater than 15 minutes but less than 6 feet apart

- OR -

  • Direct contact of respiratory secretions (coughed on, sneezed on, or coming into direct contact with saliva, touching dirty kleenex) of an individual diagnosed with COVID-19

- OR -

  • Staying overnight for at least one night with the person
Individuals suspected of having close contact with with another person with COVID-19 will be excluded from school pending the Franklin Health Department investigation
  • If an individual is determined to be a close contact, they would be placed in self-quarantine by the health department for 14 days since the last close contact with someone with COVID-19.


We are doing our best to answer all questions and to get information ready for the start of the school year. Over the next few weeks, the district will be communicating more details on what Reopening Doors looks like for the In-Person and Virtual models. In the meantime, our district nurses would like to share these helpful links with you:


Last week, families received a communication that said our Back-To-School Online Check-in process would open up on Monday, August 3. In light of our Virtual Option application opening tomorrow and closing on Tuesday, August 4, we are pushing Back-To-School Online Check-in to Wednesday, August 5 of next week instead. This way we don't have two processes open for families to have to engage in. All families will be asked to complete Back-To-School Online Check-in whether you are attending the In-Person or Virtual model this year.


  • Yesterday, we released our Virtual Option information for families to review (click here).
  • Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 29), please look for a communication from us that will contain the application for the Virtual Option. The application will be open through next Tuesday, August 4 @ 11:59pm at night. If you do not apply for the Virtual Option by the deadline, you will be unable to opt in to Virtual at a later time. After we have the applications for Virtual, we can then continue forward with organizing our staff and getting ready for students.
  • Our buildings and grounds staff, along with our administration, is currently reviewing processes and procedures for disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning our buildings and classrooms. We aim to share more specifics around this work with you later this week.

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