The K-9s of Our Country "U.S.A"

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Roles and Jobs

A service dog has one specific job that she/he is applied to. Some of the many different jobs are:

  • Patrol Drug Detector Dog (PDDD)
  • Patrol Explosive Detector Dog (PEDD)
  • Heath and Welfare Searches
  • Law and Order Operations
  • Installation Force Protection and Law and Order Support
  • VIP Support
  • Customs Support

Some dogs will carry around messages or ammunition for the soldiers. A relationship between a handler and their dog is suppose to be a strict business partnership, because one of them might retire or even die.


Training depends on what role/job the service dog has. I will be focusing on a PEDD. Training for a PEDD starts off easy, but then progresses into something much more complicated later on. Everything after their initial training is then based off of scent training. If a PEDD finds a training bomb then it is praised with a kong.

The handler and the dog must have a good and reliable bond. They have to be able to communicate with each other very well.


When the handler retires, or is not able to carry on in the military, their partner is passed onto another handler. When that dog get discharged, it can go back to his/her rightful owner, weather it was there previous handler or their original home. People also adopt discharged service dogs for protection, or just so that they can have a loyal companion in their life.
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