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Laqueefa the Itsy Bitsy Spider

Once upon a time there was an itsy bitsy spider named Laqueefa. She was just getting in her car on November 1, 2014 at 2:00 to go meet her friend TaTa-Latweefa at the mall. It was just getting close to fall being over. Laqueefa and her friend TaTa-Latweefa were getting ready to go to Starbucks as a big earthquake swept them away from the mall. They were both in good in condition, but their Starbucks was not, so they both went back to Starbucks to get a new Pumpkin Spice Latte. After they got their new latte, they went to Laqeefa’s house to watch the season premiere of the season six Pretty Little Liars. They watched all the seasons in three days because season six will be coming out on November 4, 2014. They are both so excited that they don't take their eyes off the t.v. for one second. And they all lived happily ever after…

Beyonce and Her History

Many people know about Beyonce, but did you know that she has won 16 Grammy Awards? She has just recently won PEOPLE’S most beautiful award in 2012 , the same year she had her daughter Blue Ivy. Beyonce and her husband Jay Z got married on April 4, 2008. In 1998, Beyonce released her first song with Destiny’s Child and realized singing was her thing. In 1999, Destiny's Child won their first Grammy Award. The people in Destiny’s Child were obviously Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams. A few years later, Beyonce then left Destiny’s Child in 2002, to create her own songs. In 2006, Beyonce released her hit single Dangerously in Love, with her parents, Tina and Mathew Knowles right by her side to support her along the way. In 2010, Beyonce won herself six Grammy Awards with her album “I am…..Sasha Fierce.” Beyonce and her husband Jay Z have won themselves each 16 Grammy Awards, they so far have a total of 32 Grammy Awards. Beyonce is still on her way to the top, known as Queen Beyonce. With her long history of music from the age 8 she is sure to knock you out!


Snapchat allows you to talk to your friends and send pictures to them. You get to chose how long you want the pictures to be. You can choose from 1-10 seconds. You can also find your friends to talk to, school friends and even family members. You get one reopen a day, which means you get to open one of your snapchats again, but you better choose wisely because you only get one. To send pictures, you obviously take a picture of what you would like to send. Once you take a picture you can add filters, text, and you can draw on the picture. After you have finished on your picture, you press next and choose who you want to send the picture too. Now you have learned how to use snapchat and techniques about snapchat.

If I Stay

Do you like suspense? Well, if you do I recommend the movie If I Stay. The actors Chloe Grace [Mia], Jamie Blackley [Adam], Mielli Enos [Kat{mom}], and Joshua Leonard [Denny{dad}] make this movie really suspense building. During Mia's senior year, she auditions for a spot at Juilliard for her amazing specialty of playing the violin. Mia also meets the boy of her dreams named Adam and thinks he is the one for her. Even though they have many fights, he is there for her through thick and thin. Just when Mia thinks everything is going for her, things turn out of hand. When Mia and her family are driving in a blizzard, a horrible car crash separates their family. If Mia now wakes up she is going to be waking up an orphan. Will Mia choose to wake up from her coma or will she choose to pass? Everything is up to her. To find out what she chooses, watch the movie If I Stay. This movie is rated PG-13 and highly recommended if you love suspense.

If I Stay Movie CLIP - Are You Going To Come With Us? (2014) - Chloë Grace Moretz Movie HD


KeAyra was recognized as an outstanding New York City Rockette. She attended the Norfolk High School and was involved in Pink Panthers for four years. After graduating, she attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and received a degree for dance. She really loves dancing and traveling with her husband and two kids. They have recently returned from Hawaii, Mexico, and California. Her hobbies are making crafts off Pinterest, dancing, and spending time with her family. Her creativeness, craziness, hardworking and dedicated personality take her to where she is today. She has traveled many places with the Rockettes and showed them they can do anything they put their mind too. She has made young girls all over the world shoot for their dreams. We look forward to what her future will bring us. We all hop
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