DWI stands for Drinking While Intoxicated

FELONY is a crime that stays with you which means it mostly doesn't let you get a job anywhere.


  1. Impairment is not reliant upon the type of alcohol consumed, rather the number of drinks over a certain period of time. Despite myths and misconceptions, coffee, a cold shower, or exercise will not make a person more sober; only time will.
  2. On average, a drunk driver will drive 80 times under the influence before their first arrest.
  3. Every 53 minutes in America, a life is lost in a drunk driving crash; that equates to 27 people every day.
  4. For drivers under 21, the U.S. has a No Tolerance policy which does not allow any alcohol to be in the blood system while behind the wheel. The consequences could include expensive fines, loss of license, or jail.
  5. Every 90 seconds, someone is injured from a drunk driving incident.

The cost of DWI

$10,000 dollars


Ways DWI can effect you.

As you can imagine, there are many different ways that being convicted of a DUI can affect your future. However, several potential outcomes are possible that you may not have previously thought of, and each can be a very serious problem for you and your loved ones. Without a competent and expert DUI attorney, you risk maximum punishments and penalties, especially if you do not understand the legal process involved with being charged with DUI. Avoid it if possible.

The most important way that being convicted of DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) affects you is social stigma. Accidents are often public knowledge, and the media will play and replay horrendous footage, involving your name if they have access to that information.

Your family can especially be affected by this information, and this can follow you-and them-for the rest of your life. Children are especially cruel in situations like these, but adults' attitudes toward other adults who they discover are the cause of alcohol-related accidents can be very brutal.

This type of conviction can affect where you live as well. When you apply for residence at a nice apartment building, duplex, or even an upscale mobile home community, chances are good that the landlord will do a background check. As a matter of fact, most rental applications will ask potential residents whether they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

A DUI conviction can qualify as either, depending on the charges against you, and the application could be denied.Rental applications for other things, such as vehicles, may also be denied for someone with a criminal record for DUI. Companies that own these vehicles present very strict rules for good reason, as they are forced to pay for a replacement vehicle should your past repeat itself. You are not judged based on the behavior of today, you are often judged on your past, and a DUI can exclude you from some of the finer things in life.Your work prospects could be limited by a DUI conviction, especially if the charges against you were felonies.

Like a rental application, most prospective employers will perform a criminal background check before they consider hiring. A felony or misdemeanor conviction, even for DUI, will show up on this check, and you might not get that great job, no matter how well qualified you are for it.

Knowing that your home, job, and family's future depend on whether you are convicted can be serious motivation to find some help with your case. An attorney who understands DUI laws and regulations in your state can help you fight for your rights, and your future. Talk to an expert attorney early in the court process so that you can fight for your rights, before it is too late.

This information is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.


1. Don't drink at all!!

2. Drink whenever you're at your destination like your house or something.

3. Drink something else not alcoholic.

4. Be smart and say no too your friends offerings of alcohol if you're gonna drive somewhere after that.

5. Don't drive, ask for a ride.