The Americas



13th 365 days solar calendar 18 months of 20 days

Math / Number System

A Dot = 1

A Bar = 5

6-9 is a bar with dots Number Of Dots Depend On The Number

Rhombus = 10

art and music

the people appreciated insects, birds, fish and animals. Music was sacred hymns.


guilt 3 maintype of pyramids twinstair pyramids such as temple mayor also pyramids with one temple and one set stair guilt for wind god


they used small pictures with colors

House & Buildings

They were built with straw and stones and amazing amount of work

Tools & Animals

Aztec Farmers Had No Plows Or Carts, and They Used Very Simple Tools, There Were No Animals Until Europe Arrived


Aztecs traded everything and it was an important part of their life. As the population grew, the economy depended on high levels of support from surrounding areas.

city and empire layout

Tenochtitlan was one of the largest cities in the world at the time of Spanish conquest. It later became capital. Entire city is divided in five quadrants.

farming and hunting

aztects used chinapas mainly for farming . there where also crops in mainland

daily life and culture

Aztect family life was similar to modern day cultures. men work and wifes work at home. Every member of the householding including the children help in household.


Aztecs were located in middle of mexico valley, in middle of lake Texaco, it was very marshy and scatters with islands.

Government / Taxes

Aztec gov was a monarchy with a ruler/king called "Tlatoni." Highest ranking people in Aztec were called "Techuntli." Taxes were paid either in-kind or goods or by special services


Their tools were made from obsidian and chert

First Ones To Have Drills

Folk Tales

The Aztec folk tales involved on how worlds were created or destroyed with gods.


They were once nomadic

They journeyed from Aztlan

They Found Themselves To Be Outcast, Until They Found The Sign Sent To Them By Their God Huitzilopochtli and Settled