Totalview Suite Release Newsletter

February 2016 Edition

Kirk Cousins Release

Released Sunday, February 14th, the Kirk Cousins Release combined the work of the Phoenix and Tornadoes teams to bring one power packed bundle of functionality to our users. Improvements were made to increase efficiency and increase data accuracy benefiting schools, families, the Enrollment Center and Marketing.

Improvements for School Ops:

  • Added the ability to add students to course classrooms from the Manage Courses screen in TVS. This change decreases the time to add students to classrooms from approximately 5 minutes to 1 minute per student. Users no longer have to toggle between pages and do several searches to locate classrooms. They can simply add a course and then select the corresponding classroom from a drop-down.
  • Improved the Bulk Student Data Mangement tool to include the ability to update Registration Status and also removed the 15 minute processing delay. The already speedy tool is now even faster. Schools are now equipped to keep their students re-registration status up to date without the need to spend hours manually adjusting students or waiting on engineering scripts.
  • Enabled final transcripts to be kept intact when students are transferred between schools. This change eliminates the need to manually adjust transcripts of transferred students.
  • Removed the words Z-Closed from transcripts so that when transcripts are pulled for students who previously attended schools, which have since closed, the school name displays appropriately.

Improvements for Families:

  • When Undecided is chosen as a Re-registration Status, "Not Applicable" is displayed for compliance and completion status, creating a more accurate display for families.

Improvements for Enrollment Center:

  • Ability to indicate the source of the document when uploading it in the TotalView Enrollment (TVE) compliance area so that staff can differentiate how a document was originally received. This feature will improve document tracking for both the Enrollment Center and School Ops.
  • Ability to assign Enrollment Center specific position when creating staff so that the user’s true role can be identified and permissions can be customized to a user’s specific role.
  • Added State Validation to the Parent Portal School District drop-downs to reduce errors of users picking incorrect districts.
  • Improved Knowledge Base (KB) display and searching so agents can more efficiently gather information to accurately assist families.
  • Ability to apply notes to multiple opportunities in Salesforce (SF) so that agents can quickly update opportunities without having to open each individually.
  • Improved the Parent Portal Username recovery workflow so that agents can more efficiently assist families in resetting their password and/or username when requested.
  • Improved to the SF to TVE integration to keep data more in-sync and prevent errors.

Improvements for Marketing:

  • Ability to connect media transactions to enrollments so that the success of media transactions can be tracked.
  • Added Dynamic Tag Manager Code to the Parent Portal to track potential families who have visited K12 sites.

Feedback from previous releases

Bulk Student Data Management

Since its release in December, over 13,000 records have been updated using the Bulk Student Data Management tool. With previous processes this would have taken 1 minute per student or engineering scripts to complete. With this tool, schools are now in the process of updating data that previously would have been too time-consuming to complete, ensuring more accurate student demographic data.

"So very nice! I like it. "

"Thanks for creating this tool"

Auto Case Summary Emails

Families now get an automated email when SF cases are closed, giving them more insight into the status of their issues as well as the case number for reference.

"It's fantastic!!"

" Now we don't get the callbacks from the family asking for the case number because it's already emailed to them when the case is closed. This will reduce families frustrations a lot. "

Automatic Deactivation of accounts

Parent Portal accounts are now automatically deactivated when not in use with the ability for parents to reactivate on their own, when needed, no longer requiring support from customer care agents to manage licenses.

“First week here at K12 I encountered running out of licenses during our busiest week of enrollment. Let’s just say it was a rough first week. This not only improves the parent experience making it easier for them to enroll at all times, it saves my team a lot of time operationally from manually deactivating unused licenses. “

Team Member Spotlight-Satyanyana Baswa

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Satya has been a Software Engineer on the Tornadoes team for a year and a half now. He has a very short commute, living just half a mile from the office. His favorite part of working for K12 has been working with the "great minds" on his team. His favorite project to date has been the new actionable reporting capabilities in TVS (TotalView Action) which will have its first release next month. This project is using the latest technologies which brought on a challenging new learning curve and best practices implementation. For fun Satya likes to play tennis, watch movies and hang out with friends.

12/21-1/20 Online HS smart messages success rates

Schools were able to close out their 1st term and create all of their 2nd term classrooms without a hiccup from the SIS integration. Over 300,000 successful events were processed with over a 99% success rate in all categories!
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What's Coming Next

The next TotalView release is targeted for early March and will include:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) to a new actionable reporting area of TVS, called TotalView Action
  • Ability to send kmails and notes to one or multiple students at a time from a list of student ID's, uploaded in TotalView Action
  • Ability to import transcript credits to TVS

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