The penguin and the sky

a story of why penguins can't fly

The story

Once upon a time there was only one of every bird species. All of the birds decided to fly most of the time. Penguino Ultimo was the only bird that didn't fly. Penguino didn't fly because he had settled down at a nice river where idiotic fish frequently jumped out of the river and on to the land where the met there fate. When it was about time for one of Penguino's meals then he would to the edge of the river where the fish were and he would take the to his eating area and eat. The sky got very mad at Penguino for he never went up into the sky where he should be. So the sky created flying fish and replaced the fish in Penguino's river with them. He did this because Penguino would need to leave the ground to get the fish and so whenever he did the sky could trap him. The sky eventually got Penguino to get in the air and when he did the sky trapped him in a cloud.

Eventually the sky became friends with the night sky. Night sky found Penguino trapped in the cloud and told sky to release him. Before the sky released him he took away his feathers, thus causing him to be unable to fly and then the sky cursed him so that when the sky and the earth come together and create the other birds of the species that already existed that the Penguins would not have the ability to fly and they wouldn't have wings. So when the sky returned Penguino to the earth, night sky made a deal with the earth that gave Penguino the power of swimming. When Penguino got the power to swim he caught fish before the left the water.